Services include:

starting at $149/mo*
Includes negative review analysis, one strategy session, review incentive management, and getting your customers to post plenty of positive reviews.

*requires subscription to Axle Central Deluxe 2.0 Standard or Deluxe

Review Audit

Like a mechanic examining your car, we'll thoroughly review all of your accounts and assess what's going on and where we need to help.

Strategy Session

Your business isn't like anyone else's, so you don't need a generic strategy. We'll sit down with you to create a tailor-made plan that we'll execute in order to remove or suppress the harmful information while increasing the amount of positive reviews.

Negative Review Suppression

Negative reviews happen, but we want to ensure they're drowned out by as many positive reviews as possible. We invite your patients to leave reviews after their appointment is complete and make it simple for them to follow through.

Review Incentives

It's an unfortunate truth that an unhappy patient will leave a negative review quicker than the happiest patient in the world. We work with your office to integrate an incentive for happy customers to leave a review bragging about their beautiful smile. We've increased customer reviews for clients 10x with quarterly giveaways.

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