Automatically Confirm Appointments

Communicate Directly with Patients & Customers

Measure Patient & Customer Satisfaction

Monitor Marketing Campaign Results

Manage Multiple Locations

Appointment Management

Confirm Appointments 1

Eliminate cancellations and no-shows. Our system automatically confirms appointments and syncs automatically with your system.

Fail-Proof Total Reach 1

Do more than e-mail. Our system will also text and call to confirm appointments quickly and easily.

Fill Cancellations

Sometimes plans change. Avoid scheduling gaps by initiating texts or calls to fill last-minute cancellations. While it can be set up manually or automatically, the one thing that's for sure is that our software allows your employees to stay focused on those who did show up.

Patient & Customer Satisfaction

Appointment Surveys 1

Automatically capture post-visit feedback to measure office performance and patient/customer satisfaction.

Automated Personal Responses

Set up paramaters so your staff is notified immediately when a problem arises. Automatic personal responses can help diffuse situations while your team gathers information to rectify issues.

Ensure Top Quality Service

With optional phone call recording and tracking, ensure your staff is providing prompt responses and five-star customer service at all times. Web-based call logs organize all recordings.

Reach New Patients & Customers

Boost your reputation and your local exposure by incentivizing your biggest fans to post public reviews of your practice..

Direct Communication

Web-Based SMS Texting

For medical practices and dental offices, we offer HIPAA compliant two-way communication for you and your patients. Eliminate staff’s need to use their personal cell phones.

Shared Dialogues

Multiple employees can participate in the same conversation, without leaving their work area, helping to maintain office efficiency.

Marketing Support

Increase Visit Frequency

Easily send targeted, segmented, and automated emails, phone calls or postcards to recall inactive patients and customers.

Website Integration

Seamlessly integrate smart forms on your website and let our portal handle appointment requests, questions, and comments.

E-Marketing 2

Enjoy custom e-marketing templates that match your brand. Mailing lists with optional custom parameters stay synchronized automatically.

Maximize Benefits

When insurance is involved, analyze patient benefits and appointment histories to ensure your patients take full advantage of their annual insurance coverage.

Cost-Per-Click Advertising 2

Our staff can design and schedule banner advertising to help recruit new business for your practices.

Monitor Results

Track and measure marketing performance so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

1. Item included in standard program.    2. Additional costs apply. Inquire during demo.

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